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What is Rapid Screener?
The C-BATT Rapid Screener is an online behavior assessment tool that combines state of the art assessment of positive and interfering behaviors with the power of the Internet.  It will work with any computer that can access the Internet, either PC or Mac.  It provides a novel "360 Degree View" of students, yet is a cost-effective alternative for conducting the social-emotional component of an assessment. 

How does Rapid Screener Work?

A simple 3 stage process:

Step 1:  Rapid Screener figures out how the rater knows the student and presents only those questions which will be relevant.  So, parents are not asked about behavior in school and teacher are not asked how the child sleeps at night.

Step 2:  The program interviews the rater to determine the degree to which the student engages in academic, behavioral, and social behaviors that are most likely to produce success at school.

Step 3:  Interfering behaviors are identified according to our six treatment-linked clusters.  Raters indicate whether behaviors occur Never, Sometimes, or Often.  More importantly, they rate the cluster of behavior chosen according to Severity, using a simple rating scale.

At each step along the way, the rater is able to indicate how well the results being collected match their view of the student and make any necessary changes.  Each section can be printed out by the rater.

Over 94% complete Rapid Screener with no difficulties.  If necessary, friendly Technical Support is just a computer click or a phone call away.

The referring professional receives the final report via secure email, fax or U.S. Mail. The report helps guide the treatment team towards consensus and identifies those behaviors that are in most urgent need of intervention.

Are you ... ?

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  • a school psychologist
  • private clinician
  • parent
  • teacher
  • administrator
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