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Adult LUNCH Groups®

A social learning program for adults aged 18-26.
We accept private pay and are vendored as a regional center provider

Meeting Info

Year-Round Adult Program. We meet twice monthly on Mondays from 4-6:30pm. Participants work on core areas that include: executive function, social pragmatics and competences, vocational readiness, selected daily living, and environmental awareness.


Based primariy on social cognition theory, participants engage in relevant discussions, complete group projects, and practice presentation skills. Individualized intervention strategies are employing using friendly coaching methods to create a comfortable atmosphere that facilitates social interaction.


As much as meeting in an office environment provides an opportunity to practice skills in a controlled setting, practicing these skills in the naturalistic world is equally important. The group goes out for a meal, a real meal, each session. This is designed to facilitiate the development and maintenance a range of relevant social and adaptive behaviors.

We conduct an initial assessment that consists of collecting background information, an in-office interview, and sometimes administration of additional measures.

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We are located in Encino, next door to Gelsons Market 

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