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I provide consultation regarding data collection methods, assessment, use of technology in clinical and school settings, plus general training in using various technologies in an effective and productive manner.

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Pediatric Bipolar References

PENT Leadership Team
Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY10598, HI 1478, MA 4135)
Certified NPA Provider, CA Department of Education
Vendorized Regional Center Provider
Independent Educational Evaluator
Director, LUNCH Groups® Social Skills Program
President & Founder, BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc.

Bruce M. Gale, Ph.D. (bgalephd.com) received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and Masters/Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University. He completed his internship and advanced training at Boston Children's Hospital while a Fellow at Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Gale is former Chief Psychologist of the Division of Inpatient Psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, previously taught Abnormal Psychology at American Jewish University, and is Past-Chair for Division VI on Media Technology and Communication of the California Psychological Association. Presently, he functions as an Independent Educational Evaluator conducting psychoeducational and functional behavioral assessments for approximately 65 school districts, mostly in the Southern California area. He is also the developer and director of LUNCH Groups® (lunchgroups.com), a transdiagnostic empirically-supported social skills program that has treated over 1500 individuals with internalizing and externalizing challenges, with accompanying parent support, via school year, intensive summer, and ongoing adult programs. He is currently working on a book for teens and parents based upon experiences during the past 15 years running the program.

Through his company, BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc. (behaviortech.net), Dr. Gale presents locally and nationally on social skill intervention strategies, assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors, school consultation, and technology integration. He is the developer of Rapid Screener®, an interactive social-emotional behavior assessment tool that allows multiple raters to report on current and retrospective student functioning along with an interactive developmental history form and other online tools. BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc is an American Psychological Association (APA) Continuing Education approved sponsor for Psychologists and offers CE course to related professionals.

Click here for our  LUNCH Groups® Student Programs
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Rapid Screener® - Allows multiple raters to collectively assess a student's social-emotional and behavioral functioning.
Rapid Interview™ - Includes additional interview information to obtain a thorough snapshot of home and school functioning in critical areas of adaptive behavior.

FABI™ - 

Progress Communicator® -It is used as a stand-alone method of comprehensive tracking so teachers can keep parents and other team members informed regarding student progress. It also can be used directly by students with at least a 2nd grade reading level to plan and report on their progress, with built-in behavioral coaching strategies customized for the student.
LUNCH Groups®
LUNCH Points™
SURF Certs™

The C-BATT® (The Comprehensive Behavior Assessment & Treatment Tools), provides for more efficient and powerful assessment and progress tracking than traditional methods.

These modules are designed primarily for school districts and clincal psychology or educational therapy practices. Contact us for more information or visit behaviortech.net

The SURF™ program is based upon principles of theoretical orientations underlying social cognition, cognitive behavior, and applied behavior analysis, plus 16 years of running groups with students (LUNCH Groups®. It is designed to help teachers and clnicians develop a practical and easy-to-understand method for improving student social functioning.  The program consists of:

1. Identifying relevant student characters;
2. Implement a range of strategies designed to improve classroom and school functioning;
3. Strategies are broken down into intial identification (assessment), classroom-wide (Tier I), selected students (Tier II) and brief individualized (Tier III) level of intervention,
4. Staff will learn how the SURF™ Program interventions occur in real-time and how to use meaningful social reward systems, e.g., SURF Certs™
5. Students can also be assessed at a group level to determine their individual and collective degree of progress.

There is a related companion program, the TURF™ Program (Technology Use with Reasonable Freedom). Contact us for more details.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Gale has testified in Due Process, Civil, and Federal cases primarly related to developmental disabilities and special education